Bridged Discord Forum Setup

Users need to be an Admin on both the Commonwealth Community and the Discord Server in order to setup the bridged forum feature

Step 1. Discord Server & Commonwealth Community Bridging

Bridge your Commonwealth and Discord Server
  1. 1.
    Under Manage Community, click into Manage Community
  1. 2.
    Press Connect under Commonbot Settings
  1. 3.
    Redirect to discord to add the server that you’d like to sync
  1. 4.
    If stuck on loading page, hit the refresh button on your browser

Step 2. Topic & Channel Bridging

Ensure you have both the Discord Forum Topic and Commonwealth Forum Topic created that you want to bridge
  1. 1.
    After the Server and Commonwealth Community are connected, the “Connected Forum Channels” option will show up
  1. 2.
    The channel portion will reflect the discord channels, under the topics portion you’ll be able to select which Commonwealth topic you’d like to connect to which discord channel

Step 3. Post once - See Everywhere

  1. 1.
    Once you post a thread in the discord forum channel (see image 1), it will automatically populate into the commonwealth connected topic (see image 2)
    1. 1.
      All Subsequent comments from the thread will also populate into the commonwealth thread
    2. 2.
      The commonwealth thread will include:
      1. 1.
        Link to the Original Discord Forum Post
      2. 2.
        Username of the Discord Forum Post
    Discord Post
Corresponding CW Thread