On-Chain Governance

Commonwealth gives a UI to existing governance contracts and integrates it with the rest of the governance process (i.e.: off chain governance, and forum discussion). To learn more about governance please visit the “Explaining Governance” section of this documentation.
To setup up on chain governance for existing forums, please contact @Mark_CMN on Telegram or email [email protected]
Below are the on chain governance actions that users take through the Commonwealth interface:
Creating & publishing on-chain proposals: users can create on-chain proposals by clicking the the “new proposal” button in the dropdown on the top right of the header
Voting: Users can use their token to cast their vote in accordance to the project’s governance parameters.
Note: each chain has very different on chain governance processes. For more information on that, visit the "Governance Frameworks” section of this documentation

Examples of On chain Governance

Substrate Example:
Ethereum Aave Example:
Cosmos Example: