Product Features
An overview of product features that Commonwealth offers.

​Crypto-Native Forum​

Commonwealth offers a fully crypto-native forum as an alternative to Discourse (with full feature parody). Utilizing wallet logins for discussion and governance improves transparency, user experience and enables crypto native functions such as token gated discussions.

​On-chain Governance​

Commonwealth offers support for a robust list of on-chain governance contracts. Simply linking a governance contract address with a community will integrate full on-chain proposal creation and voting.

​ Snapshot Support​

Communities can connect a Snapshot space with their Commonwealth community with two-clicks. This integration will feed all past and present Snapshot proposals and enable voting and proposal creation via the community interface.

Chat Functionality​

Our native Chat functionality enables an end to end a communication experience, supporting casual conversation and different channel creation for communities to ideate and explore ideas.

Post Templates​

Templates allow participants to have an organized method to discuss common topics. Whenever a participant creates a post in that topic, the template is pre-populated in the thread draft.

One-Person-One-Vote Polls​

Beyond On-Chain governance and Snapshot votes, all communities can add One-Person-One-Vote Polls to any discussion thread. This helps serve as a temperature check devoid of token-weighted measures before submitting formal proposals.

Community Gating​

Communities are able to limit interaction via a few gating options. First, entry into a community can require acceptance of Terms and Conditions or holding an amount of the community token. Second, creation of threads under different topics can be gated by token holdings.

​ Webhooks​

Webhooks enable communities to automatically share specific content from their Commonwealth to other platforms such as, Telegram, Discord, or Slack.

Custom Branding​

(BETA) Communities can integrate their own branding to maintain their look and feel. This currently includes custom domain and logo support. For both of these, reach out to [email protected]

​ Community Analytics​

(BETA) Within a community, admins are able to see how many users have joined, created threads, left comments, and been active on a daily basis.

Self-Serve Community Creation​

(BETA) Communities are currently able to create their own Commonwealth space via self-serve creation. This currently allows for ERC-20, Substrate, Sputnik DAO, and off-chain communities.
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